Why are we here?

Why are we here?

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Welcome to Gloucester Today, we decided our lovely city needed it’s very own local news source. We hope after a little time this will be your one stop place for everything related to Gloucester.

Currently just a very small team of inexperienced, yet committed Gloucester residents hoping to share your news and stories to everyone.

Will we make mistakes? – Yes! Of course we will

Will we do our best to ensure you only get local news? – Of course!

Can we promise live super fast reactive stories? – Probably not yet but we aim to in the future as we grow.

Please bear with us as we find our feet in this field as it is far from what we’ve all been used to.

Please feel free to get in touch and give your story on what’s happening near you. Without your input we have no news!

(Please look out for our dedicated local weather prediction system – We won’t predict snow every week 😉.)

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